Our Standards

1. To foster ethical practices.

a) Ensure that members of UAC adhere to stated standards.
b) Require members to enroll and admit students only after complete evaluation.
c) Require Standard grading policies, which are indicators of student performances.
d) Discourage members from promising services in the area of job placement.
e) Require Teaching Staff to be Adequately prepared.

2. To encourage innovative and experimental programs.

a) Ensure that new programs are considered and instituted regularly.
b) Ensure that courses, curriculum, and instruction offered is considered with quality content.
c) Ensure that adequate equipment, instructional material space and personnel are always available.
d) Ensure that proper avenues to deal with any complaints are provided.

3. Assuring due process.

a) Require that members maintain complete and accurate student records.
b) Insist that consumer protection is always a priority.
c) Ensure the refund policies are fair and consistent.

4. Encourage clearly identifiable needs.

a) Require and insist that the institutional study is complete and is regularly reviewed.
b) Expect that all members at all times provide students attrition and graduate placement rates.
c) Expect the needs for educational services to be so great that it cannot be met by tax-supported institutions alone.
d) Insist and require that course outlines, schedule of tuition, fees, and other charges, as well as all general policies and rules of operation are made available to students upon enrollment.

5. Ensure responsiveness to public interests.

a) Insist that members do not exceed enrollment equipment and available facilities.
b) Insist and require that members be financially capable of fulfilling their commitments.
c) Require members to obtain a high school diploma or the equivalent to enter college-level studies.
d) Insist on policy that members require a degree or the equivalent to enter the graduate level.
e) Consistently encourage members to strive toward quality education.