Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Accreditation

Q. Should all accreditation be considered the same?

A. Definitely not. Accreditation is granted for diverse purposes. Throughout the U.S., Accreditation can be obtained for various reasons and programs. UAC primary purpose is to aid the Religious World in obtaining accreditation that is not governmentally controlled or affiliated.

Q. Does the size of my school determine whether or not I can become accredited?

A. Absolutely not. We, more then most, realize that some of the most prestigious and reputable universities, colleges, institutions and schools are formed with very few students. Pensacola College, Princeton, Harvard, The College of William and Mary and  Bethune Cookman University are just a few that had small beginnings. UAC accepts the fact that the quality of education should not be judged by the size of the institution and it’s student body, or it’s facilities and/or financial status. To receive a just and quality education, there must be the proper atmosphere for the student to achieve his or her goal.

Q. Must a School or Institution have and elaborately equipped library?

A. No! However, we are constantly encouraging the school, college, or institution to develop or even broaden their library. Many have access to public libraries, which affords them to get started which they can utilize until they are satisfied with their own. UAC will not reject an institution on the basis of a library.

Q. What costs are involved in becoming accredited with UAC?

A. There is a standard that UAC operates by, but that too varies. The basic cost for set up, reviewing, and processing the accreditation is $5,500.00. In addition, the school pays for a round trip air fare for one of their representatives for an on-site visit. The school will also pay for two nights lodging and car rental. UAC representatives are very frugal so as to not over tax the institution. Being a wise steward of the funds that we are entrusted with is a priority to us. The cost is slightly higher for a school with 500 or more students.

Q. Is this cost for my school being a member justified?

A. Absolutely yes! When a student is considering your school or college, one of the first questions asked is: “Is your school accredited?”. Every student looks for quality and the “seal of accreditation” assures them that they will receive the absolute best. The question: “Are you accredited?” not only rises pertaining to colleges, universities and seminaries, but to traditional schools as well as trade schools. The cost is easily recovered by credibility and increased enrollment.

Q. Will other schools outside the membership of UAC accept credits from my school?

A. This depends on diverse factors. Many religious schools do accept credits from similar institutions based on G.P.A., financial arrangement and a few other factors. Some secular schools, state schools, and industries will accept some credits based on the concentration and major of the student. However,UAC makes no guarantee outside our membership.

Q. As a school, is my name and address given out upon request?

A. No. Our mailing lists are for the membership of UAC only and not for the general public.

Q. Can we be assured that UAC will recommend our institution to prospective students?

A. Absolutely! We are always recommending schools, colleges and institutions, which offer the program for which the student is searching. We are always fair and objective.

Q. Can a school or institution that offers only correspondence courses become accredited?

A. Yes. As long as the institution meets the criteria set forth in our requirements.