Membership Defined

Candidates eligible for membership in the Accrediting Association are those schools, colleges and seminaries who meet and adhere to the following requirements.

  1. Institution must have formal authority or a charter from the appropriate government agency to award a diploma, certificate or degree.
  2. Institution must have a governing Board of Trustees or the like which is its representative. A Reference guide may be obtained in the book entitled “The Governance of Teacher Education”.
  3. Institution must submit to an “on-site” evaluation by the Association.
  4. Institution must agree to annual requirements and systematic evaluation and studies.
  5. Institution must pay the initial fee and reasonable renewal fees if imposed, as well as agree to transfer of credits among members or those of outside Institutions.
  6. This Commission understands and accepts the fact that the Constitution of the United States delegates Education to the State. Our stance is that education must be free to provide real education needs.

We strongly maintain the position on separation of Church and State and education and governmental control.

Types of Membership

The following are types of membership that can be obtained with this Association.

  1. Candidate for Membership.
  2. Provisional Member.
  3. Comprehensive Member.
  4. Member with Honor.
  5. New Members must receive at least two (2) recommendations, one being from a current member.
  6. A Candidate becomes a member after having an on-site visit for evaluation, which must be a successful study.
  7. A member may become a Comprehensive Member if they have more then one (1) program.

Note: All members enter as Candidate Status, unless Qualifications can be obtained sooner. If a member desires to be removed from the Association, the Institution must notify the Association before the end of the Current year.