United Accrediting Commission of Independent Christian Colleges and Universities Inc. (UAC) is a Non-Profit Corporation, Incorporated in the State of Florida with Executive Offices in Tampa, Florida.  We are primarily a Theological Accrediting Association, however we do not restrict ourselves to the field of religion alone. Our specialization is with Most Christian Theological Colleges who have positive views concerning separation of Church and State.  We believe that Christian principles and beliefs must be upheld within the Colleges and Universities that are seeking Accreditation without interference from Governmental entities.

Christian theological accrediting agencies are better equipped to evaluate and accredit Independent Christian College study programs.  UAC is a Christian Private Accrediting Agency with the Highest Standards for Educational Excellence. UAC is governed by a Board of Directors with over 30 years of experience in Christian Higher Education, Curriculum, Record Keeping and College Degree Programs. Although our standards are at the highest level, we do offer a program that allows colleges to grow into their Accreditation.

  • UAC  endorses and supports Higher Education and the National Federation of Independent Businesses
  • UAC endorses and supports the practices and principles of the Better Business Bureau of Florida as well as every state in which we have members.
  • UAC reflects the Highest Educational Standards for Accredited Degree Programs
  • And upholds the standard of Truth and Integrity.
  • UAC operates throughout the North, South, East, Mid and West as well as three continents.
  • UAC purpose is to help build and expand Christian Education at the Highest Level Worldwide. We have both Ecumenical Colleges, as well as Private and Independent Colleges and Universities.
  • UAC requires all under graduate faculty members to hold a Bachelor Degree or higher. Post graduate faculty members must hold a Masters Degree or higher and all Doctorate faculty must hold a Doctorate.
  • We have entered cultural exchange between Nations, States  and peoples in many parts of the world. UAC is a vehicle by which a member may be recognized locally and internationally. A consistent protocol of administration and standards must be kept worldwide if the the standard of excellence is to be kept.
  • UAC only recognizes Colleges and Universities that confer degrees to those students that have met the full criteria of educational curriculum studies, evaluations and Code of Ethics.  No degree may be given for financial remuneration without the total completion of the degree requirements.

Note: United Accrediting Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities  (UAC), and its officers, directors and Commissioners are not legally responsible for the degree programs, course work, or any other aspect of school/university function offered by its member or accredited member schools.

United Accrediting Commission of Independent Colleges and Universities and its officers and directors are further legally absolved of all responsibility for the success of students enrolled in its schools. Each UAC school is a legal entity in its own right. All complaints or concerns relative to the individual schools must be directed to the schools themselves and we would appreciate being notified. It is the responsibility of the prospective student to carefully investigate any school before embarking upon a degree program or course work.