There are five categories of membership in the Accrediting Association and are briefly described as follows:

Candidate – Candidate status is granted to applicant schools based on a completed application and acceptance by our office. This shows the school is working toward full accreditation, which can only be granted after an on-site visit and the approval of the representative.

Provisional Accreditation & Membership – After an on-site visit, if a school has problems that would prevent them from gaining full membership, a provisional membership may be granted. A certificate will be issued that is valid for six (6) months only. On the back of this certificate will be listed the deficiencies that must be corrected. This certificate may be renewed each six (6) months if proof is shown the school is mending the problems. The certificate may be renewed no more than four (4) times before another visit is required.

Full Accreditation & Membership – When the on-site visit is made and the school is recognized as a fully accredited member in good standing, a certificate and plaque are issued indicating such. An on-site visit is required every three (3) years.

Comprehensive Membership – An accredited member who has more than one type of program and has been accredited for at least three (3) years may be granted a Comprehensive membership. This will show on the plaque and the certificate.

Comprehensive Membership with Honor– This institution has been accredited for five (5) years or more; has more than one program and has shown exceptional credibility. It has had at least two (2) on-site visits. The president must approve this level of accreditation personally.

NOTE: Each level must be applied for by the member’s school before it will be issued.

All members are required to send in the yearly questionnaire and report form supplied by the home office ascertaining that the criteria of UAC is continuing and that adequate self-study is being conducted. This is an addition to on-site visits at the required times.